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Is it realistic for a 40+ year old male to successfully change careers and enter the field of UX without any experience?

Answer by Thomas Svenson:

Excuse me for being blunt, but I don’t buy the “without any experience” part.

Sure, you might not have any of the experiences you list. But, and this is important, you have 20+ years of adult life experience. Experience from real life situations. That is in itself a wealth of knowledge that are invaluable to draw from to be successful within UX.

That simply is stuff a freshly graduated from the best UX, or other interaction design, school simply has nothing of.

Most importantly, you have experience from before the IT, and then internet, revolution got on its way. You know, the time computers didn’t rule the world. That in itself gives you a unique starting point for a new career in UX Design.
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This commercial of the Samsung 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive really baffles me. What on earth was Samsung thinking when producing and airing it?

I’m old enough to remember the 1980’s when personal computers where rare and suites in the tech industry tried to explain to the media what the use of them where. Such as “store address lists and favorite recipes” as eWeek mention in the 30 year look-back on the PC industry.

That’s the first thing that I pictured in my head watching this too.

So, yes I am baffled about that Samsung having a woman saying it helps her “doing chores”. Do they not understand that consumers are a lot more enlightened about what PC’s can be used for these days?

I thought stereotypes like that was long gone.


The lie of multitasking - Yes, we are just fooling ourselves!

When I get into the zone and become very productive, I at the same disconnect from the rest of the world.

Haven’t you too noticed how your hearing basically shuts down when you get consumed about what you are working on, or when you read a book or watch something on TV. Its like your whole body simply tries to focus everything on that.

It is also at those moments I am the most productive or able to really digest the information the book or TV show contains.

Despite this have happened numerous times for me, I keep fooling myself into keep trying to perfect multitasking. As if I refuse to accept that single tasking actually is more productive and allows me to learn new things both quicker and easier.

But hey, I am just human and we love the idea of thinking we are smarter than nature. So I am sure I will keep fooling myself and go on trying to find the magical formula that makes multitasking more effective…

Opinion: Edward Snowden is a patriot - Trevor Timm -

At the end of this article is an amazing quote from James Risen:

I don’t think there’s any personality that’s more American than a whistleblower.

The entire personality and DNA of America [is made up] of people who wanted to have their own kind of government and be free of oppression. And I think that is the heart of what a whistleblower is. It’s somebody who believes civil liberties or freedom or corruption are important issues that they need to talk about, and their right as an American is to talk about it with the press.

Whistleblowers are more needed now than ever before. Especially due to that so many politicians have got completely lost in their own corrupted greed and power hunger.

Adding to that its painfully obvious that large parts of the media have forgot what real journalism is about. Instead the only thing they focus on is what sells or what their own agenda is about. To some extent the same greed and power hunger as politicians even…

With a bit of luck, we are seeing the beginning of a return to what politics and journalism should be about!

I am 25 and I’ve just found my passion in life. Am I too late?

Answer by Thomas Svenson:

To be honest it sound like you don’t really have your priorities and focus right. As a result of that you are second guessing every choice you make and the time in the past you have spent (wasted?) exploring and learning things.

Passion is about being motivated and have energy about what you do and at the same time be happy and look forward to things you want to accomplish. Its also about being happy and content about it. To do that you can’t keep looking at the past to try and figure out if things had been different if you had found you new passion 5 or 10 years ago.

What happened in the past is experiences and learnings you gathered. It is those experiences that got you to the point where you discovered that the consumer web is something you really want to explore and see if it can be something for you. It then took you to learning how to code and so on…

  • Had you been able to make the same decisions about this five years ago?

Maybe you had, but more likely not. Five years ago the consumer web, and particularly the mobile web was very different compared to today. The iPhone was released in 2007 for example and before that the mobile web was just horrible.

It might be that you are trying to retroactively think back and re-evaluate what decisions you could have made five years ago based on the knowledge and experience you have today, and also based on the technology available today. Thinking “What if…”. That’s just not possible.

I’m 45 btw and I have had many passions in my life already. I am also sure I am going to have many more as I get exposed to new ideas and other life experiences. But I will only be able to do that by being open and eager to learn more and at the same time understand that all the new knowledge and experiences I gather will affect who I am, what I do and how I do it.

That’s simply the way things work when our mind processes all the new input we expose ourselves to.

So - Don’t worry, be happy!

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I’m baffled, but not surprised, about the revelations Bill Gates provides in his recent  Teachers need real feedback TED talk.

Its amazing that so little is done about giving teachers feedback and tools to help them improve in their roles.

The USA is shared 15th in the stats, my own country, Sweden, is even further down that list.

No wonder the school in many western countries is just getting worse and worse.

The good news is that it can be fixed. The ideas Bill presents are interesting and I’m sure there are thousands of other great ideas out there. But what blocks it is politicians stuck in the past and only looking at things through a spreadsheet and other statistical, inhuman, measurements.


Special Virtual Machine Version of Ubuntu

If you are planning to run Linux as a guest OS on your PC, then its worth looking at this tutorial. It shows you how to use the special virtual machine tuned version of Ubuntu Server.

However, do note it is a little outdated as it says that when using VirtualBox you can only use the 32bit version. That is not true, I had no problem installing the 64bit version using the GPL licensed VirtualBox.

This will give you a much slimmer and less memory and performance hungry guest OS to use.

Disabling "Low disk space" Warning is Still a Windows Registry Hack!

I found it quite astonishing, and bad UX of course, that disabling the low disk space warning still is a registry hack in Windows 8 as seen in the link in this post.

On my notebook I have a partition that is used for running Ubuntu using VirtualBox. I filled the whole partition, barring 26Mb, with a fixed .vdi hard disk image. And as a spam mail in the inbox I now am constantly reminded about that the partition is low on free storage space.

Would it really be that difficult for Microsoft to add a clever little option in the partition properties for this? One that allow me to decide if I need this warning or not?

Judging from the number of hits when googling for a solution, this is something that annoys people.

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